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Let's Hear It For...Shauneequa

In Loving Memory of

Shauneequa Jackson Gonzalez

Written by:

Dr. Jessica Boston Davis, Natasha R. Trotter, Mary Jessica Simon, Gwen Rodgers, and Delise Jeffrey

Our beautiful friend and class of 2008 Spelman sister, Shauneequa Shauntee Jackson Gonzalez, passed away peacefully surrounded by family on November 7, 2022. Though her time on Earth was short, she lived a spectacular life and truly made a “choice to change the world” that will not be forgotten. Shauneequa had an incredibly successful career as an educator, teaching both in the United States and abroad in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In 2018, she was named “Educator of the Year.”

In 2018, Shauneequa married Luis Gonzalez in a stunning beachfront wedding. They welcomed two beautiful sons, Carter in 2020 and Kaleb in 2022. Shauneequa traveled the world and made new friends everywhere she went. She was full of joy – always singing, dancing, and laughing. Her smile was contagious. Shauneequa loved Spelman deeply, and had informally made plans to attend our 15th class reunion. She will no doubt be there in spirit.

Shauneequa was a proud and dedicated mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. She is sorely missed. We can still hear her now, singing the end of the Spelman hymn, “And when life’s race is won, Thy noble work is done, Oh God, forever bind, Our hearts to thine.”

In honor of Shauneequa, we her best friends and Spelman sisters, have written the piece below:

“A Soundtrack for Shauneequa”

Have you ever listened to that song you always skipped only to realize it was fire? Not Shauneequa Jackson Gonzalez. She would listen to an album from the beginning to the end, even adding a few improvised runs and ad-libs. Music was one of her love languages, and though we know many of her favorite songs, we wonder what records she would select for her official soundtrack. We know our vivacious and thoughtful friend would include music for her girls to dance, her family to reminisce, her husband to smile, and her sons to laugh. But if the memories we shared with Shauneequa serve as the film, what would be the score? What needle drop encapsulated her proclivity for organization, her happy disposition, and her penchant for condiments? Is there a 90s slow jam or contemporary R&B song with lyrics that include “The Bronx,” “Winnie the Pooh,” and “straight cheese?” If only we could go back to 2018 and ask her to write out her playlist. A time when we were together on Spelman’s campus, embracing our sisterhood and growth one week and celebrating her bachelorette party in Las Vegas the next. She was months away from becoming a wife, years away from being a mother, and a decade into educating future generations. Five years ago, we thought that if we missed a beat, we had the ability to press rewind. But we know now that life moves like a rare live performance, not a pre-recorded track. Though some days without her are more painful than others, she inspires us to push forward like the play button. Her soundtrack may be in flux, but don’t skip to the good part because you may miss the best song on the album.

Shauneequa, thank you for the good times, the lessons, and the blessings. We love you, we miss you, and we will always have your back, just as you have ours. #LiveLoveLaugh

Your Spelman Sisters,

Teezy, Deej, Gwen, MJ, and Wifey


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1 commentaire

Tamara Rogers-Gant
Tamara Rogers-Gant
15 mai 2023

Such s beautiful tribute Jessica, Natasha, Mary, Gwen, and Delise💙Shauneequa will be truly missed this reunion season 🕊️🌹

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